HELLO WORLD! Humankindmind: my first share (of community-minded ideas that help no one unless I tell someone)

On my Samsung Galaxy, in my car, creating a website in a fit of enthusiasm and creativity, deciding to make a difference. Why not here, and why not now? Why not start a website where anyone can upload their brilliant ideas to help the world,  instead of (more often than not) sitting on them?

Well, we here at humankindmind  (me) say Sieze The Day! – you could die before you get all your greatest epiphanies out there.

Why not share now and be a part of something – a bigger, more caring community of real, big hearted and big minded people than we can ever see from our usual commute or drive-in garages. And who knows what your karmactic (?) payoff might be, hmm? You never know.

You’re welcome! 🙂


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